Monthly Archives: December 2015

Laurel Carlson – Final Project

The website for my final project can be accessed here:
The project website also has a link to the associated GitHub page, but you can get to that directly here: The GitHub page hosts the software, which is open source and available to install. It also contains additional documentation on how the software works.
As I mentioned in class, we have a viable project today, but we plan to continue work on it in order to improve it. Please feel free to reach out with any questions, comments, or ideas! Thanks for a great semester!

Cousins and Gilmer: Final Project

Hi DHers! We’re excited to share our progress with you thus far on the MAL Virtual tour. Follow the links below to investigate the various aspects of this collaborative project:

Check out a beta-version of the tour produced with professional software:

Examine our process in the making with MIT’s “Build-in-Project” site, which we’ve used to document the project’s successes and failures. This blog will continue to be updated as the project progresses next semester:

Check out the successfully funded Kickstarter campaign:
See what inexpensive technology is capable of producing by becoming “immersed” the Occipital test run photo-bubbles:
Questions? Suggestions for the future? Feel free to share. We can’t wait to see where this project takes us in the Spring.