Class Exercise for Presentation (attached as Worksheet DH)

Hi everyone!

I’d like to end my presentation tomorrow with a potentially fun and potentially frustrating exercise – creating our own “ideal” DH labs based off of scientific models. We’ll be looking at some contemporary labs in my presentation, as well as The Salk Institute, and I’m hoping we can think about which elements of these lab spaces we see as useful, and which parts of the “scientific model” are less so–what do we keep, and what do we take away?

Because this task – Constructing the Ideal DH Lab – is clearly an extreme, I’m interested in what problems we run into in trying to work out how to tailor a model to DH needs.

While I’d like to have us work in small groups for this, I’d love it if we could all think a little on the topic based on our reading for this week and the depiction of The Salk Institute given to us by Latour and Woolgar.

I’ve made a silly worksheet (because the task, to me, seems, well, idealistic to the point of being prescriptive? Not sure that’s the right wording:

Worksheet DH

But I’m interested in complicating the concept of models in general, so it seemed fun to create a oversimplified blueprint like strategy to match an oversimplified, blue-print like question. Anyway, no need to fill it out yet or anything, but if you have time maybe think about what elements would constitute the Ideal DH lab (do you have to choose an orientation first? A subject matter? Tool based, study object based? Research? Making)…

I’ve added some characteristics implied by the reading, and welcome all others that come to mind – I’m interested in both the material and social conditions that shape scientific / DH projects.

Thanks, and see you all tomorrow!



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