“infrastructural thinking” in the Media Archaeology Lab

Take some time to wander around the Media Archaeology Lab – turn some machines on, if you like, or load some software; also note the way the lab has been organized; think about how it is and is not akin to a scientific laboratory. Now in groups of two or three, work through the following questions. You might want to focus your thinking by paying attention to spatial arrangements (or lack thereof) in the lab, or to particular machines or particular rooms.

  1. In response to Stephen Ramsay’s observation that “doing” in DH is under-theorized, what sorts of theories (if any at all) of doing are implied the set-up of the MAL? Does the MAL seem to want to emulate a scientific setting or configuration?
  2. What might or could be, in Kirschenbaum’s words, the “material conditions of knowledge production” in the MAL?
  3. How exactly can we use the MAL to think through how infrastructure is, in Svensson’s words, “about situated imagination”? How can we use the MAL as a case-study to enact “infrastructural thinking”?
  4. How could the MAL “emphasize a laboratory model as one that privileges traditional humanistic inquiry through material and spatial construction”? In the context of this particular infrastructure, what would or could humanistic inquiry look like?

3 thoughts on ““infrastructural thinking” in the Media Archaeology Lab

  1. Mitch Ingraham says:

    Dr. Emerson- Are we meeting at the MAL today, or in our usual room in Hellems? After I read your post I panicked and wanted to be sure I’m where/when I need to be. I appreciate the clarification.

    Mitchell R. Ingraham M.A. Candidate Department of English University of Colorado at Boulder mitchell.ingraham@colorado.edu



    • Lori Emerson says:

      Hi Mitch, sorry to have induced panic – we’ll still meet in our regular classroom for your presentation and then I thought we could walk over to the MAL afterward. See you all in Hellems at 6pm.


  2. mringraham says:

    Great. Thanks! See you in a bit-


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