presentation guidelines

A couple of you have asked for clarifications on the presentations for our class, so here are the guidelines I went over on the first day of class. As always, let me know if you have any questions.

Think of your presentation as an opportunity for you to demonstrate what you’ve learned on a different register – a verbal, spoken register – and for you each to contribute to the semester long project of building an intellectual community that’s our class.

The way you’ll accomplish both things is by a) providing an overview on one or more of the readings; b) making it clear what’s at stake in these readings for what field or fields and/or whether the reading change our sense of what literary studies is about – does it broaden the horizons for Digital Humanities or media studies or both?; c) discussing whether there are any useful connections or departures in the reading from other reading we’ve done; d) and finally, generating lively class discussion either on these three points or on some other points you’d like to work through.

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